Teen Wolf Season 5b predictions/theories

So I just want to share some of my Teen Wolf season 5b predictions and theories. Before I get to my theories, I just want to note that my predictions are heavily made upon the fact that I know teasers/trailers can be very misleading. I just got done re watching the trailer for 5a and I read all the comments. Of course the predictions and theories all made plenty of sense but 99% of them were dead wrong. So I watched the 5b trailer and based my predictions on what made sense from what I’ve seen and heard, and what I feel like Jeff Davis would do at this point. Here are some of my predictions and theories. These aren’t necessarily what I WANT to happen, but what I think is going to happen.

So, I watched the 5b trailer over and over again in slow motion and I kept pausing at every moment to take in every detail. One thing that I feel like will happen is Scott and the rest of the pack will be drawn to desperate measures and will have to work with Theo and his chimera pack because of the circumstances. We hear Theo tell Scott that they need to put their conflict aside and work together because the successful chimera is going to be a threat to them all. This all makes sense to me since the dread doctors will officially be the main villains this upcoming season and Theo is no longer in good terms with them after what he did. I noticed how Jeff Davis, when asked if Theo and Scott would ever resolve their relationship in 5b, he didn’t say no. He said that it would take a lot of work. Jeff also keeps pointing out that Theo is NOT the villain anymore. Or at least not the main villain. He’s done his dirt and gotten his pack, now the primary worry is the dread doctors and their successful chimera.

The whole Kira and the Oni situation is definitely confusing, but I can’t help but feel like it’s really just an inner battle in her mind to gain control of herself, or a hallucination from the dread doctors.

I have a theory for how they will get Lydia out of Eichen house. I really feel like I’m right on this. If Theo and Scott are forced to put aside their hatred and work together to fight the dread doctors and the successful chimera, that might mean that Theo and his pack will help break Lydia out of eichen house! Knowing teen wolf, the chimera pack will show up and save the day because stiles will be the only one from Scott’s pack to cross the mountain ash and there’s no way that he can fight off the security guards and workers, or sneak past them. There’s a part in the trailer where we see Tracy attack doctor Valack in Eichen house, and ‘coincidently’, when doctor valack gets pushed against the wall by tracy, he’s wearing the exact outfit that he was wearing when he asks Lydia why Theo let his sister die. This let’s me know that those scenes must be part of episodes 16-17. If the chimeras come to help, it would make sense how they finally get Lydia out of Eichen house since Chimeras break mountain ash as they go through it. That would make it possible for the rest of the supernaturals to get in. I doubt that Scott and the rest of the pack will just be standing outside doing nothing the whole time. It’s going to be 2 episodes of breaking her out and there has to be more than what they’re telling us.

I don’t think 5b episode 1 will start at the present. I think they will have to continue on from where they left off and show how Lydia was put into eichen house. Jeff said her mom put her in against her will, and since they will be getting her out in episode 16-17, I doubt she will be in eichen house for a full 7episodes! Parrish is another reason why I don’t believe they will immediately start from the present. Even though the 5b trailer was very lacking of Parrish, it has been confirmed that Parrish will be a big part of this season. I don’t think teen wolf will wait til the end of 5b for Parrish to know that he’s a hellhound. That’s ridiculous and he’ll never learn to gain control of his powers in time to help anyone at that rate. I really feel like it would only be right for Parrish to find out what he is by Lydia (even though I had hoped that Kira’s mom would tell him since she seems to know a lot about the wild hunt). I’m sure that Parrish will be the one to find Lydia at the Nemeton, since he’s the only one who knows where it is, but he will probably be in a trance.

I feel like a lot of people have come to an immediate conclusion that Theo’s chimera pack are going to be evil. I think they will be like they were before. Hayden and Liam obviously will still have a thing for each other, so I doubt she’s gone all evil and has really changed. Same thing with Cory and Mason since they obviously have something going on. Since the dread doctors were responsible for making them all go crazy and try to kill specific people, (with the exception of Hayden, and Cory who were fine), I think they may actually be really cool. One of them could be a brat like Erica, but I don’t see them being evil. Especially in this situation. They are probably just having some memory loss or have been forced to be under Theo’s authority because he brought them back to life with that weird serum. I’m not sure how that serum exactly affects them besides bringing them back to life lol. I personally think I’m going to like them.

Chris isn’t the only Argent returning! It could be Kate, but it could also be Gerard. I personally hope it’s Gerard so that he can help them with all the information and insight he has. But the statement made by J.R. Bourne that Chris isn’t the only argent returning could just as well mean that a new Argent character could be returning to beacon hills, and not that an argent character from a prior season is returning to the show.



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